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Greek Easter De Mayo!

Easter 2024 mingled with a touch of Cinco De Mayo – Time flies indeed! I recently revisited a blog post from years back, and the tradition at my cousin Viv’s house persists. This year, Eastern Orthodox Easter arrived a bit later than usual, overlapping with Cinco De Mayo festivities.

My Uncle Ted and his skilled crew never fail to impress me. The team he’s trained seems to be surpassing him in the art of preparing and roasting lamb on the spit. This year’s feast was exceptional, featuring our customary red eggs cracked with the proclamation “Xristos Anesti” (Christ has risen), alongside lamb, Kokoretsi (a dish of lamb intestines wrapped around liver, kidneys, and lungs, then grilled), tsrourki, pastichio, and more.

In addition to our Easter traditions, we indulged in a bit of Cinco De Mayo merriment, given the date overlap this year. Margaritas flowed, festive sombrero hats adorned heads, and a mechanical bull added to the fun. Naturally, I had to take a turn on the bull!

Since the original blog post, some of the kids have graduated from college or high school, and there have been additions and losses to the adult contingent. However, the essence of our gathering—rooted in family, tradition, and culture—remains unchanged. These cherished memories will endure, driving our commitment to preserving family bonds and traditions. In these turbulent times, nothing compares to holding onto faith, family, and love with unwavering determination. It’s all worth the effort.

Heartfelt thanks to Vivian, Nick, and the entire family!

Xristos Anesti (Christ has Risen)!!

P.S. I must also give a shout-out to my cousin Patty and her boyfriend Matt, who surprised us with their Greek Nachos—a delightful fusion of Cinco De Mayo and Greek flavors. They even used my Greek to Go Greek Seasoning, enhancing the deliciousness! If you’re interested in trying my Greek Seasoning, just drop me an email at, and I’ll make sure you get some!!!

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Greek Easter De Mayo!