About The Seasoned Greek

The daughter of two Greek immigrant parents, Esther is the founder and chef extraordinaire behind The Seasoned Greek. 

At an early age, Esther realized just how much she enjoyed cooking and sharing the special flavors and unique Greek culture with friends. Her culinary journey in West Michigan started with Greek to Go, a take-and-bake business selling baklava and spanakopita throughout Grand Rapids. 

In 2020, after a decade of selling her products, Esther decided she wanted to expand her outreach, sharing traditional family recipes and stories with friends not only in the Midwest but beyond—and The Seasoned Greek was born.

Greek cooking is rooted in the heartfelt love of sharing a delicious meal with close friends and family. Having a huge feast on any day of the week is not an uncommon occurrence for many Greek families. We hope that you will embrace this energy as you gather around the Greek table with us. 



“It’s a labor of love and devotion to my heritage. I can still hear my YiaYia telling me how to chop one way or saute another. I cherish those memories.”

— Esther 

Our Evolution 

A few select stores in Grand Rapids start selling our baklava. 

Fall of 2009
Greek to Go launches! 

Our products become available at more grocery stores, farmer’s markets, corporate catering, private event catering, and more.  

2009 - 2020
Greek to Go continues to FLOURISH 

“I wanted to start doing more teaching and sharing. I wanted anyone who cares to learn more about our culture, customs, and traditions to have a hub to explore.” — Esther

spring 2021